News Release

Nexcel Debit Card

The first card of any type to offer financial freedom!

How can this be? Well, our card pays your 20% back on all the revenues generated from your personal card. And 50% on all the cards that you refer to friends and family.

This money can go toward paying off those dreaded credit cards that have those outrageous interest rates.

Did you know that: There is over 825 Billion in Credit card debt in America All these numbers are very damaging to all our lives.

Benefits of the Nexcel Debit Card:

We should be teaching our students to live within their means. Our society has gotten strung out on credit. It has taken over our lives.

Now is the time to combat this problem. Nexcel Debit Card is the answer. We offer a NO Monthly fee card that pays you for your usage and also for anyone you refer. Yes, that's right. You make money on using the card and when those you refer use theirs. There is no other card that can say this. But, Nexcel Debit Card can.

So, you can take that money you earn from this card and those that you refer and pay off those credit cards. Or pay for the things that you want to. This is real financial freedom. This is a historic time in all of our financial lives. And the Nexcel Debit Card provides us all with the ability to live within our means and to get away from the destructive hold of those plastic ball and chains.

And finally, if you would like to be a consultant and make the Nexcel Debit card a business that you can build and receive commissions on all those that you refer and that others refer. Then you can create a tremendous residual income in a industry that grows by over 200% annually.

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